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Episode 111

Mailbox: Listener Questions Answered [E111]

In the latest episode of Business by the Numbers, Hunt Demarest, CPA at Paar Mellis & Associates, tackles your top questions on taxes, accounting, and navigating government policies for small businesses. This episode explores how recent government actions like the budget deal affect your business, alongside evergreen topics like:

• Paying Yourself: What's the best way to balance salary and dividends, especially considering different business structures like S corporations and sole proprietorships?

• Succession Planning: How can you smoothly transfer your business to a family member, weighing the pros and cons of stock vs. asset sales?

• Accounting Methods: The real impact of choosing between accrual and cash accounting for your business's financial health.

• Overtime Calculations: Navigating the complexities of overtime pay, focusing on the nuances of bonuses in your payroll.

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