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Episode 81

Benchmark Report: Top vs. Not Shops [E081]

The comprehensive Automotive Industry Benchmark Report is now live! Want the full details? Dive in at

• Decoding Top Shops: How did we determine the crème de la crème of automotive shops? Today, Hunt sheds light on the meticulous methodology behind it. Is it about the sales charts, workforce strength, or the footprint in community welfare? Learn which set of metrics defined success.

• The Stark Contrast: Hunt explores the big differences between the top-performing shops and the ones that aren’t performing as well. Learn the reasons behind these disparities and get ready to be surprised by the findings!

• Metrics that Matter: Technician productivity. Compensation structures. Overall efficiency. How do these parameters influence the success trajectory of a shop? Delve deep into the data-driven insights and conjectures drawn from the numbers.

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